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My Approach

As a counsellor I draw from a variety of modalities depending on the individual needs of the client. More recently I have completed my three year training program in Somatic Experiencing and have obtained my Certificate in Somatic Experiencing® which is a body-oriented approach to the healing of Trauma and other Stress Disorders. 

For the last 10 years I have immersed myself in the study of Family Systems Theory which moves beyond the modern idea of hyper individualism to a more relational model of being. Through the frame of systems theory, we see ourselves as being inextricably linked to and a product of our family of origin, our early life experiences and our culture. We learn first and foremost from our environment and the people closest to us. This goes even beyond our immediate family to the generations before us. Drawing on these insights, I look at the history of losses, relationship dynamics as well as the trauma that may have been passed down inter-generationally. 

This way of seeing yourself as relational to the world around can offer you the chance to drastically change your perceptions and your behaviors, by breaking down old ways of being which likely kept you isolated, and instead empower you to choose differently in the middle of a personal struggle or crisis. Often this choice involves doing the opposite of what your instinctual fear-based response is telling you to do. With enough awareness and a willingness to do your own personal healing work, I believe everyone is capable of having healthy, functioning and loving relationships. 

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