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Being in a long-term committed relationship can be both challenging and rewarding. At times, the stress of family life or ​balancing family and work can have a negative impact on the quality of our relationships. Relationship dynamics are often tricky and can be painful to navigate when we get stuck in exhausting patterns of distancing or attacking and blaming. When we are upset with our partner we often want to pull away from him/her as an instinct to protect ourselves. However this instinct can be the very thing that perpetuates the hurt, pain and confusion that can come with the loss of close connection with those we love the most.

Having a skilled therapist to help you navigate the choppy waters of relationship dynamics can help prevent a lot of undo harm and misunderstanding. With a third person in the room, couples often feel safer in opening up about their inner experiences. As a therapist my role is to slow down the cycle of misunderstanding by re-examining and re-defining the problem through creating greater emotional awareness, which leads to greater intimacy, deeper connection and more joy and satisfaction in your relationships. 

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