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Grief and Loss Counselling Services


“Grief offers a wild alchemy that transmutes suffering into fertile ground” ~Francis Weller

In traditional cultures Grief was and is a shared responsibility of the community or village. For

thousands of years people have been practicing grief rituals and ceremonies to help those suffering 

from loss emerge into a new state of being. With support, grief is bearable and can even be initiatory

into a new way of being.

Unfortunately in our Modern Day era grief has largely gone underground. No longer is it something

we do out in the open or in community, its become a very private process which can leave

individuals feeling overwhelmed or over-burdened by the task at hand. Even the way we deal with

death in our culture has become a very isolating thing, some say we live in a death phobic culture.

Where death has been pushed to the margins of our mind and become the enemy or seen as some

kind of personal failure.

In my work with people who are dealing with loss and/or dying, I try to dispel some of these deeply

misinformed cultural beliefs and help people learn the skill of living with loss. Ultimately we will all

face loss at one time or another and if we can begin to shift our mindset and experience around what

is happening to us I believe we can begin to find something sacred and beautiful in the process of

grief. This has been my own personal experience and I know it is possible for others to heal from

deep loss and walk through sorrow skillfully. There is great beauty and even joy to be found there

once we understand how to welcome loss as an initiatory process to life.

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