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About Me

With 15 years of experience in private practice, I am a dedicated counsellor specializing in relationship and individual counselling. My training as a trauma-informed somatic experiencing practitioner, along with expertise in attachment-based practices, family systems, and the transformative work of Stephen Jenkinson, and his teachings on grief, aging, and the reclaiming of culture and community, equips me to guide you through life’s challenges and transitions.

Warm and approachable, I create a safe and inviting space where clients immediately feel at ease. I combine a gentle but directive method, which has helped many couples and individuals process their feelings and be with their experience while finding more ease and capacity in their lives and relationships. With a blend of confidence and intuition, I am adept at addressing and resolving a wide array of life and relationship issues.

Your time with me will help you feel more resourceful, empowered, and better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. My hope is that you experience more resilience, capacity, and skill in handling life's stresses and find more meaning, depth, and secure attachment in all your relationships. Through our work together, you will experience an increase in life force energy and vitality, and build the nervous system capacity to effectively handle stress and resolve trauma.

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